Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Things #1

So, in a bid to reduce my shopping habit I decided to keep a better track of the items I purchase. If I can see the items in full view, I think I'll have better respect for the items I buy and hopefully buy less.

Presenting my 'New Things Rail' - I purchased it from ikea (£6) along with the floral hangy thing (£8)

Also, here are some of the clothes and other bits and bobs I've purchased over the past few weeks, I have been trying to switched and adding new key pieces slowly but surely.
Drape Jacket -*
 Leather Biker Jacket - H&M
White Shirt -H&M
 Fur Gilet -
 White T-Shirt - Primark
 Salmon Vest - Topshop
 Purple Houndstooth top -
 Patterned Trousers - H&M
 Neon Trousers - Topshop
Floral Leggings -*
Sequinned T-Shirt -*

Bra's & Undies - Freya, Shoes - Primark, Jewellery & Makeup -*/Topshop


  1. This is such as smart idea...wish I had space to do this though..try and carve out a section in my (full) wardrobe great!

  2. Ooh it looks lovely! I find it hard as well to know all of the clothing pieces I own..But this rack makes it so much easier! Loving the bracelet in the last photo by the way:) x

  3. I love that you have a blog now! Also, I wanted to say i think it's amazing that not only do you purchase new things, but we see you wear them frequently in your videos. Personally that helps me out, because not only do I get to see it on, but I can appreciate the fashion more. So I must commend you on that!

  4. Omg thise shoes! Dó you know if they're still available in London? I'm going to London in two weeks and thise shoes are the main item I just need! Btw you are SO inspirering!! Xoxo Nanna from Denmark :-)

  5. You are building a really nice wardrobe here. Love your sense of style!