Monday, 15 April 2013

The Active Prepared Life #2

So I'm back and not defeated for round 2 of the Active Prepared life...and on reflection round 1 wasn't entirely successful but I know this is a process and not a quick sprint.

If you don't know what Im talking about check out my previous post here!

The key thing I noticed is that I tire by mid week, almost like I loose steam, and cant be bothered to continue to make effort for almost everything!

This is the main thing I want to improve, my PERSEVERANCE.

Things that I succeeded with:

Life/ General 
- I will not read/ absorb negative things about myself
- I will not spend any money on none essentials

Health Fitness
- I will eat a Veggie/fish  diet this week - fish at lunch/ dinner - (up until Thursday as we had guest)

No not that many but again life is a marathon

So Ive kind of changed my strategy. I'll be looking at trying to attack a few things rather then so many.

This Week
1. WATER - Honestly I don't understand why I cant stand the stuff but I really need to drink more. I may try bottled to be able to succeed 

2. Exercise 3 times this week 

3. Address at least 3 Important tasks a day

4. Continue with the previous successes 

I want this post to remain short but there is ooohhh so much more to it. the aim is to master the small to improve my discipline in the 'Big'. 

Wish me luck for this week! 


  1. I'm a list person too and always have to have my pink parker to hand but this is something I've never thought to do, going to give it and go n see what happens. Love finding other positive thinking individuals.
    Thanks for sharing x

  2. About the water - Im trying to drink more too. Gather a bottle of water with you when you leave home, and get an app for your phone that remembers you to drink water every other hour (you can find "drink water" apps on and download it to your phone ). I'm also trying to get less sensitive about the "worrying about other people's oppinion" stuff, and I'm tryinna find a "role-model" to study and incorporate the behaviour. Well, I found Rihanna - she doesnt give a rat about what people might think about her.. but again she's too cocky sometimes, but again no one's perfect ;) Good luck.

  3. i don't like water either but i put fruit in my water and it taste so much should give it a try!!!! i like to put sliced lemon and oranges in my you get your vitamins from the fruit! let me know how you like it

  4. Like you, I grew up HATING water lol, but as an adult I now see the importance of drinking as much of it as possible. Here are a few tips I've been successful with that might help you!

    1. Don't buy any other drinks but water to keep in your kitchen/refrigerator. (For me, I always keep a bottle of wine in there lol, and aside from water, I only buy fresh, organic juices-- usually orange, apple, or cranberry-- to have with breakfast/for guests/for healthy smoothies-- no sodas/anything with artificial sweeteners allowed in my house).

    2. Add lemon to your water!! This has literally become my newest addiction-- sooo yummy. I keep a gallon-sized glass drink dispenser filled with water in my refrigerator and squeeze a whole lemon into it for quick access when I'm home and thirsty. I also carry a water bottle for when I leave the house and add a few squirts of all natural lemon juice to it. (Lemon in water is said to actually speed up your metabolism, which may help with your other health/fitness goals.)

    Hope this helps an good luck!!! You've got this!! :)

  5. I am a lover of agendas, diaries, and writing to-do lists too! Drinking more water is definitely on my list...for the past six months I've significantly increased my water intake. Of course it's not easy if you don't really like water, so I add Crystal Light (no sugar) powders to my bottled water.

  6. I have a hard time drinking water too so I went out and found the water flavors (I think its by dasani) that have no sugar and no calories to it so it only adds flavor to the water. I can tear up a few bottles of water a day with the water flavors now.