Monday, 29 April 2013

The Active Prepared Life #3 - Decrepit Superman

You may not know how proud I am of myself to still be doing this. One thing I've struggled with in the past is perseverance and I often give up when things aren't going to plan. But Im still on this and working towards change.

You will also notice that I also change tact a lot, but I believe thats the process of evolution. Initially I was focused on the two factors 'Active' and 'Preparation', but other things seem to have come into the mist such as 'Perseverance' and 'Focus'.

Another factor that came to me this Sunday was 'Ease' / To lighten up.

I have been feeling fairly intense, deep in thought and serious, I went to church with an expectation for a deep and meaningful message of enlightenment from God.

The sermon began, the minister took a moment and walked out to the back, and then walked back in wearing the following:
- Leggings,
- A wolly hat,
- Socks to the knees
- Underpants on the outside of the leggings,
- A woman's shawl as a cape.

He did the whole service in that get up. (Kind of like the below but not even as stylish.)

It was absolute uproar in laughter, no one could even look at Him as you could not really miss the lower regions *shudders*.
I always get that feeling that God really has a major sense of humour and is often like 'why so serious'

But on a serious note it really made me think about easing up and relaxing, and remembering that all things work together for my good. When I make plans, when I want to do something do it from a place of ease and 'wham bam thank you mam', I will have achieved without a strain.

So Im feeling great about the week ahead, and I'm changing the language I use to describe my tasks/ actions

This Week

1. No energy or focus will be given to negativity. It will be counteracted with Love and words of life
2. Time will be taken daily to ponder on nothing much and to Focus on all things good - (30 mins)
3. Exercise will be fun and enjoyable, It wont even feel like work but feel like fun - (Daily)
4. Water will taste great especially with a small splash of elderflower.
5. Lighter healthier meals will be the option of choice. They sure beat feeling full and bloated
6. I will be prepared and active on all elements of my life and business, no time wasting as there is lots to be done.

This weeks tasks are going to be easy...dont you agree?

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  1. I love this post. Full of positivity. Full of hope. I love reading you it gives me motivation as well. Xx

  2. You go girl! That's the power :) . Good luck this week. Supporting you backstage.

    Lindsay -X

  3. Haha! I love your 'The Active Prepared Life' series. That is definitely a memorable sermon lol

    Mo x

  4. Great post Pat. I love your positive energy. It's all in the power of words. Always speak and believe positively in God's grace. He does have a major sense of humour at times ;).

  5. Amazing words!! going to keep this in mind this week

  6. Love it! Really encouraging Xxx

  7. Keep on going Doll, u are one of my favorite YT'ers there is. i am so happy you started blogging its really therapeutic as long as u dont take it too seriously and go with the flow of ure inspiration and mind set.

  8. Patricia this post really affected my entire mood the moment I read it. Definitely feeling the positivity. Go girl!

  9. This is awesome Pat! #Teamoptimism I love love it!!

  10. You're spot on with this post...especially the water and exercise too lol...I hope I can think like this one day

  11. awesome anecdote about the Pastor x

  12. These posts are really transparent and demonstrate Gods paths for his children that include loving one another by sharing our lives with others . This usually leads to people receiving truths which enables us to move forward and become one...there is strenghth when we do this...miracles begin to happen in a
    Loving environments such as here :). Thanks Patricia ! You are doing a great and you are persisting and perservering. Its apparent you are graced to do what you did sis, Continue in that grace ! Keep these posts coming. Inspired by Patrica Sun shiny Bright, Mia