Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Active Prepared Life #3

So I have to be truly honest with myself...last week was a complete fail. it was almost like I had forgotten about what I have been working on. Thats why this post is late...and I haven't posted in a week!

Its quite interesting to see how the active element is so important. Ive realised 'Active' includes active thoughts, and focus on the bigger picture. Few things are passive. I'm glad that me falling off the waggon provided some clarity on the active element.

One thing I have done has which wasn't written on my previous posts was making time for people, seriously I am a hermit, I'm so focused I often forget what life is about. Love. I know cheesy but that's what I believe.

I have not seen friends for so long months and years, but now I have a home, I've become queen host. Its been great. I have had a dinner party 4 weeks in a row and I'm so glad. I plan on continuing this and making time for important people in my life.

Also, my Internet procrastination has decreased, its not perfect but its definitely improved.

Anyway the focuses of this week remain the same, with a few new tweaks. I'm always very good early in the week and I just need that second wind to come after Wednesday. As I say this is a marathon and not a sprint. Slowly by slowly changes will come.

Im still trying to just try and attack a few things

This Week

Life/ General

1. I will not read/ absorb negative things about myself 
2. Focus on spiritual things and spend the time needed

Health Fitness
3. I will eat lighter meals with more salad and fish. meat 2 times this week

4. Water  - Elderflower cordial is my BFF. I am using this to increase my water intake its really diluted so hopefully Im not consuming too much sugar 

5. I've actually not done any exercise so that been a fail. Im going to get in 1 outdoors session, 2 indoors and some stretching, stamina work.

Wish me luck for this week again!


  1. Good luck - I like this segment I've been trying to a similar one myself.

    I need to also remind myself to stay active and keep moving - make everyday better and achieve more everyday than the last.


  2. You are a great inspiration. I have a page on Facebook named I Live 2 Inspire. I'd love it if you'd like it! =) I'm working on som of the same goals such as working out and eating better. I am a home body too so sometimes I do fail at keeping in touch. We can do it!! Love the blog!

  3. Good luck Patricia ! I am praying for you :) x

  4. Good luck for this week!
    Love this series!

    xx nikee


  5. My water intake increased enormously after using an app (iDrated). It sounds silly but i love winning medals with it. It also helped me a lot to have a bottle of water next to my desk where i spend most of my day studying.

  6. Hi Patricia,

    First of all what a Beautiful & Inspiring blog! You are very talented! Keep it up <3 . Since the summer of last year I've started following your vlogs & inspirational videos on Youtube and learned a lot from them. So thanks for sharing those "moments" & continue your message. The world needs it! :)

    I can imagine what your going through with those (little) struggles/battles. But like you said it's a marathon and not a sprint. YOU CAN DO IT, just start over again and again and again untill it becomes a habit. My life has changed dramatically since the beginning of this year and I am happy with the current results. Still having some battles but hey that's life right? And I believe there will be more of these struggles but everytime I win some I know that I am getting closer to my goals -> purpose of life.

    Try not to be hard on yourself ( sometimes) but NEVER lose the focus, because then you will learn & accomplish (more) great things about/for yourself & others. I believe you can do it.

    Sending you lot's of positive energy & support!

    -X- Lindsay


  7. So beyond excited that your blog is now up, apparently am late to this party:) Cant wait to keep up on all your posts

  8. Not sure if posted this comment twice, so please excuse if I did.

    Love the blog!

    After reading your piece on perseverance...

    A couple weeks ago - my energy level was continually sapped mid-week. So, I did complete bloodwork - found out I had low iron and vitamin D.

    Simple fix: multivitamin, vitamin D, and iron

    Just something you might want to check into. God Bless!

  9. This is exactly how I've been feeling throughout the week. Ughhh such an annoying feeling. But finally I think I'm back on the good track taking things seriously.

    Hope you're well!