Thursday, 16 May 2013

In My Instagram World #1

My First Instragram Life in pictures, Yay. Hopefully there will be more :) x
1. Floral Dress -Asos 
2. Throwback - Mummy and I 
3. Fish & Chips Friday- Gets me feeling all warm inside
4. Top - Made by my hands tutorial on it 1 day ;)
5. Okra - I made a mean soup and swallowed it down with some Gari (My Nigerians will know
6. Big smiles on a hot day
7. Hair just done at Honeyhand Salon feeling 'Gone with the wind!'
8. Hubby and I on a date night...ended up at Nandos because its just so easy ;)
9. Double trouble - Playing around with mirrorgram


  1. You have such amazing style! Love the first and last outfits especially :) x

  2. Awww you as a little girl are soooo cute!!! Love the last outfit, it's stunning:)

  3. Ahhhhhhh love your style!
    Hamida X

  4. <3 can.not. WAIT for the top DIY!

  5. lovely photos:)

  6. lovely and super cute pictures!
    I thought i might comment here because i really want you to read this! You are a very inspirational woman and keep doing what you do because u inspire me everyday. I love how i can laugh and feel that connection to your videos literally you are tooooooooooooooo funny i cannot deal! , and weird but i love how your so human and normal! lool your very down to earth and i love that please never loose that quality! I am a blogger also but i stopped for a while cause of exams, but I love how your blog feel like i can do mine good too. Sometimes i look at blogs and feel I dont know how to get my layout good and it can sometimes feel like a bit of a competition etc but looking at yours i know it can be done.

    bit of a long message i hope you read this!
    May God continue to bless you and give you the abilty to continue to inspire!


  7. Hey Pat thank for ur blogs u guys brighten my day. I going through a tough time right now so plz keep uploading ur vlogs and inspirational speeches. From a girl with the same hard up bringing try to get a third job to support my mom sincerely

  8. Love this!! keep 'em coming xx

  9. Love the hair in the 7th pic, reminds me of Gabrielle Union. Gorgeous!

  10. Hi, I just found your blog and just wanna say how awesome it is. I'm coming through your history of posts right now and I'm really excited.
    I think you inspired me to finally try something bit different for me, like patterned trousers.

    Nice day! :)

  11. you really look like your mum :)