Thursday, 16 May 2013

Neon Splash and White Jeans

OMG I'm in white jeans. not sure how I got here but I am. for some reason I always hated white jeans, something about them was always a bit tacky on me, however I've seen some girls wearing it and wearing it beautifully, so Ive given mine a little dust off.
I rarely wear super laid back outfits but sometimes they actually are the most glamours in their subtle way.

H&M is often a God send for me they just have some wonderful bits at some great prices.
 Jacket - H&M
Chain - H&M
Top - H&M
Jeans - Monki
Shoes - Keds
Bag - Zara 


  1. Your outfit looks lovely. I am not mature enough to wear white pieces of clothing as stains go out of their way to find me lol x

  2. Gorgeous outfit!love the jacket and top:)

  3. Such a beautiful outfit! I Feel the same about white jeans, but you've convinced me to give them another go!


  4. Love the jacket, I definately cannot pull of white either, maybe for one day, but I definately couldn't rewear them ever again after that lol. Great outfit, and I love H&M as well.

  5. Gorgeous outfit! The white jeans really really suit you, I'd be terrified of somehow falling into a pool of mud whilst wearing them haha :') love your style :) xx

  6. It looks excellent on you!

    The neon goes well with the white jeans. :)

  7. Very nice Patty !
    I got some white pants myself and its à first. Im just mad on the White thing going on !!!

    I think you look classy in anything

  8. THis is really beautiful, I love the colour of the blouse and the necklace xo

  9. Woow! I wore an outfit so similar to this recently! great minds... lol


  10. Love the combo, the bag & the jacket, the pants & the shoes, its really nice.
    Nice blog too ★ツ

  11. wow! you are so pretty! I don't think that there is one of your youtube videos that I haven't watched! It would mean so much to me if you could check out my blog. xx

  12. Very very chic. <3

  13. I love this look! You have a pretty good taste!