Monday, 6 May 2013

The Active Prepared Life #4 - The Formula

Well, well well. What a week, last week was a testimony that taking things easy really is the best way to go! I think I may have cracked it.

Last week was my most productive since starting, but yet I would struggle to tell you what I achieved, weird. All I can say is I achieved what I wanted too, and that what matters.

I've been working out, eating well, completing tasks ( I let myself go a little at the weekend but thats ok).

The plan is to create a formula for achievement, and I think I am getting there, the important thing is to make it repeatable and sustainable for the long term.

As it stands the formula is as followed:

Preparation + Action   + (Ease) = Achievement 

1. Preparation 
Task List - Activities and tasks presented in a clear efficient way, sometimes bite sized. Preparation can take some time but its worth it and will save time in the future.

2. Action
Getting up and getting going. The attitude of 'Just do it' is required to execute all prepared activities and tasks.

3. Ease
Take action in a relaxed manner, its not a race, do it with joy and peace, all of a sudden you will be done with out even knowing it.
Change your perception and language when doing tasks, it will make things a whole lot easier. e.g Rather then 'I've got to', ' I cant wait to do!' 'Excited to'.

4. Perseverance
Sprinkle a fair bit of this on top to keep going even when you fail.

This week

1. 4 work out sessions
2. Light meals quick and easy to prepare
3. Make 1 recipe from the Low GI diet book
4. Only 1 sugary snacks a day
5. Daily Time out for 40 minutes.
6. 11pm lights out

Im feeling good about this week x


  1. Wow that's a whole list! But you're right, when you make yourself feel good about sporting it isn't so hard to do! x

  2. Yep Patricia. Gonna do this now. <3 Adie

  3. Hi Patricia,

    great to hear from your achievement(s). A big Cheer for you. And thanks for sharing this awesome formula. I've been doing this as well but then unconsciously. But you've brought the clarity in it so well! It brought the clearness from a different angle :). Keep up the good work & thoughts. Have a blessed week and good luck with everything

    -X- Lin

  4. Feeling good about this week too! Xx
    ps : this is active prepared life #5 not #4 Pat' lol

  5. I love this formula (and your lovely blog)! I definitely needed to read this this morning! Thank you for your positivity! Hope you have a great day! =)


  6. Sounds like you're doing great! Have a good week xo

  7. I love how you are recording your progress. I should really set a bedtime for myself. As I am self-employed, I find myself working until midnight and beyond if something needs to get done. Oh, and I also like #5, time out is a must! Have a great week.

  8. ~I really do enjoy these posts(the whole blog in general) but been going through a very laid back approach in life and I wanted to achieve more and work much harder at my personal goals. These posts have motivated me a great deal so I just thought I'll let you know :). I pray you achieve more as you continue on. Thank you

  9. I need to set myself some time out in the evenings and 11pm is lights out for me also :-)

  10. Reading your posts are always a joy. They are an inspiration and also a motivation for me. Each one helps me in a different way. Keep the blogs and YouTube video going. They both are a motivational drink for me.

  11. It's interesting to read this especially since this is my first time here and something I have been trying to deal with lately was my lack of structure and perseverance in attaining my objectives.I was at meeting last Friday for one of the departments in my church in which I serve and one thing that was echoed during the meeting was that having a mission is not what would guarantee success but instead having a strategy and working with it would. Now reading this post is somewhat encouraging. It is always great to hear from others deciding to grow in this area and push further and remain dedicated to accomplish their goals.. Press on and all the best. God bless you!

  12. great tips Patricia, im kinda in the same road so it was good reading those tips to reformulate some of my planning.

  13. Wow good luck :) gonna have to try and follow some of these tips xx