Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Active Prepared Life #5 Distractions are a Beast

So not very much to update on this week, as I think the formula determined last week is spot in, I just had a few issues with the delivery last week.

So lets discuss the issue. The fundamental problem preventing me from executing the formula of achievement was...DISTRACTION. I cannot believe how easily I am distracted and swept away like a reed in the wind.

I have a confession. I dont really watch TV because I see it has a major hinderance to the Western world, and probably went over 2/3 years without really watching more the 30 minutes of TV in a week, however we  recently decided to get one at home for when we have guests who get bored.

Some how we started watching 'The Voice' which is amazing, and we allow it as our little Saturday break. However Ive noticed that the desire to watch whats next has creeped upon me, and while eating dinner I watch a little bit, then I seem to slip into the next Docu-Soap opera programme like 'Embarrassing bodies' or 'One born every minute'.

And This Saturdays viewing was as followed:-
Britons Got Talent, The Voice, Avatar, The Minority Report. CONSECUTIVELY.

I believe this was 6 hrs it total. I felt so dirty, honestly a wave of guilt like a binge eater fell over me, and especially because Im a bit of a scaredy cat and had to sleep with the night light on afterward.

I cannot believe how I easily let myself get distracted. However on another note, Im doing well with the exercise, and recently saw my sis and parents who noticed some weight loss ( although I struggle to see it.)

So this weeks focus
- To execute the formula without distraction
- No TV -Only the Voice - ( I cant give up on it now..Im fully sucked in!)

Wish me luck


  1. Hi Patricia, don't be so hard on yourself in regards to your TV marathon - It happened that one Saturday and you realised what you had done straight after. So its not as though you're going to become a couch potato haha!

    Anyway, congrats on keeping to all you other commitments



  2. Haha TV is a devil ! Lol. Like you, I don't really watch tv since 2009. But I watch a few tv shows on my computer (Scandal mainly).


  3. haha the voice is amazing! & you are a very clever lady who knows whats wrong in a situation and changes it, good on ya!
    Hamida X

  4. You are so right haha TV is such a big distraction! I caught myself watching way toooo much as planned today! But a little wont hurt and I am glad you think that also :)!

    Hugs and kisses
    Mandy C

  5. TV is addictive. I used to not watch any until I discovered Lost. It's been lots of TV watching ever since. :)

  6. Lights on after watching Minority Report?? Looooool


  7. I agree. We got rid of cable over a year ago and I barely watch TV and I've seen I have much more time on my hands to do things and live life. So go you...we all have our shows....mine is SCANDAL. ;-)

  8. I am the same with not watching TV. My major distraction lately has been the internet and really sleeping late. Again, I always always sleep with the lights on...hahaha, love your blog...x

  9. TV can be addictive. I own a TV set, but I never (and I mean never) turn it on. Instead, I watch Netflix on occasion. I do find watching Youtube videos even more addictive than TV, though;)

  10. haha, at least the voice is actually based on talent-I cannot stand X-factor because that is so stale, but the voice? don't mind if i do. I kinda love a bit of Tom Jones too ^-^ *old before my time* XD

  11. I have a much larger television watching problem! I graduated from university two weeks ago and I don't even want to tell anyone how many episodes of Frasier I've seen in this short period.

    I figure it's my moment to indulge before I have to go back to school?

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