Monday, 17 June 2013

Beauty Bites| My Skin Detox For A Fresh Bright Glow

So of late my skin has been feeling really sallow,  dull and I also felt like it didn't look very smooth. I dont really suffer from spots but my face looked like it needed a good scrub.

I went to Liberty to have a look at some of the expensive products and I came across a few serums, then it clicked and I remembered the perfect treatment which I had done in the was vitamin C serum. I ran over to the body shop bought one for £14 and started using it that night. 

I'll say it now, Im glowing! yay. 

My Regime

Vitamin C serum - Night & day for 10 days (After 10 days the vitamin C looses its strength due to oxidisation). 

Vichy Noraderm - Nightly - Contains Glycolic acid which is great for smoothing, and along side vitamin C there are some serious added benefits.

Origins Plantscript SPF 25 - Daily moisturiser with SPF. This give me a great glow and is oil free. 

HydroCare Cleaners - Morning & Night. This is a really gentle non-foaming cleaners I love ho gentle it is, and it doesn't feel like I'm using any product but my face feels super clean after use.

Sk:n Cleanser - Every 3 Days - This is a great cleaners which a high amount of Glycolic acid which really helps again with the skin smoothing. I've been using it for years and its my holy grail product.

When ever my skin feels dull or sallow I will surely come back to this regime, its a great quick fix instead of a peel.
Patricia x


  1. Hi thanks for sharing please where do u buy this products from? Thanks

  2. I definitely love to see what you're using on your skin as it always looks lovely. I actually bought the Sk:n product last year after your recommendation and I now use two products from Vichy again from your recommendation.
    They have both worked tremendously on my skin, thanks again.

  3. I am looking for good skin care products, it's not easy to find the ones your skin is going to work with. These ones look really good :)


  4. Have wanted to try some Origins products for a while, will have to check out this moisturiser xx

    Heels forever

  5. So many great skincare stuff. I love the origins cream.

  6. A regime of fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball and daily moisturizing with pure coconut oil gives me a glow for a very reasonable price as does drinking a gallon of water! I sometimes use the juice of an orange it I am out of lemons!

  7. I love skin care products. I use Simple's light moisturiser and toner. And neutrogena blackhead cleansing lotion. It makes my face feel so soft and refreshed. The only problem I have is the blackheads on my t zone area. Can anyone recommend anything that will make them disappear? X

  8. Skinlastin is very effective, I used it and got benefit