Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Life Bites| Motivation & The Next Steps

Well its been a while since I've written a post life/ general as I found the formula to the 'active prepared life' series that I began writing about you can find that here. The next steps are really about regular and consistent application across multiple spectrums, which I hope I will be able to do with 'Life Bites'.

So now its all about motivation, I'm the type of person who goes through peaks and troths, but its imperative for success to remain motivated...or is it? I genuinely don't believe that people can be motivated all the time. Its about learning to know when your in a valley 'down time' and identifying how to get out of it.

The main point of motivation is the reach a goal, target or an achievement. Ive shared mine below:

1. My body
Its ok, but it could be better, I love my food, regular, fatty, carby and lots of it. My exercise, well thats another story, I try, but I fail with being consistent with it.

2. Work life balance
I don't do rest, I feel like if Im not working on something, I'm being slack or lazy, and it makes me frustrated, but I struggle to  make time for things that count. I also end up crashing.

Due to my constant focus on achievement, and worrying what I haven't done, I get can getvery anxious,

Why have I shared this....I believe  'Write the vision down making it plain so that he that reads it may run with it' Habakkuk 2:2

Basically, writing targets down make it tangible and there is more of a chance that something can be done about it.
First steps of motivation is defining what you want to work towards..and actually its just made me smile because I  believe EVERYTHING is possible.

So some steps that help me with motivation:

1. Surround myself with motivating inspiration. Things such as people, songs, foods, words and images

2. When Im feeling un-motivated, I come back to the target, re-read and I'm inspired by my own thoughts

3. Find a co-signer. who is in your team? Who will encourage you? It may be friends, family, it may not be, it may be anonymous people on a blog but connect with like minded folk

4. Get excited. The possibilities are there, they are tangible and real. Get that feeling of butterflies when you are standing in front of the door to opportunity that is about to open in a few seconds

5. MOVE. DO IT. STEP. NOW. GO. RUN. Stop thinking about being motivated and start doing it, nothing will happen without your first action

I'll be working on the few thing noted above, they are just an outline, but I will share my progress on the blog

Have a great day!

Patricia x


  1. hello! I follow you from Switzerland and I really like your style!
    I would like to do the same thing you do! Can you give me your advice? By Jacira

  2. You've inspired me to finally start a fashion blog! Please could you check it out and tell me what yoh think? It'd be amazing to have feedback. Love the blog. Love your youtube. Keep being motivated, through it you have motivated me to try and do something I love! thankyou! Xx

  3. Your blog and vidéos always inspiré me !

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    My new Re-Design Monday's post is up and every Monday , new, original&unique pièces for sale!!

    Xx Lavie

  4. I want to lose weight too Patricia. But I've been feeling so unmotivated. I started doing Insanity (actually haven't gotten past the fit test) and I got distracted soon after. Sigh. But you are so right. I need to actually make the first move if I want to get closer to my results. There are other things too. Like I want to buy a car but I'm really sucking at saving up for it. Ugh. But this is something I'm willing to work on. Actually feeling like I'm gonna give Insanity another go when I get home. Gonna try to not make any excuses.

  5. Good luck Patricia! I have no doubts that you can do this.


  6. This is really inspiring patricia! Sometimes I feel I lack motivation, useful tips. Love from your 9ja sista. Lol

  7. Really inspiring, good luck Patricia!



  8. Very inspiring!


  9. I need this right now in my life! I believe it's so true It's about being proactive and taking that step towards your goals, not just saying and not doing.
    Thanks for this!

    For Us Humans


  10. Habakuk 2:2! Y-E-S! This scripture is relevant across so many spectrums. Thanks for sharing this bit of personal info with us, Patricia! :-)

  11. This is everything I'm doing with my life right now!


  12. I'm soooooo inspired after reading that!!
    I'm a loyal subscriber and honestly my 'like folder' is full of your inspirational 'sit-downs' like the one you have here! I'm an aspiring accountant(jst graduated!) But still in school and I'm in need of constant motivation and great scriptures! Thank you for this blog post!

    Love from South Africa!

  13. This has already got me thinking, thank you for sharing this, i'm really trying to motivate myself also with my body. xx

  14. Very inspiring and my thoughts. Now being consistent in doing it is my greatest downfall. Thanks for sharing. You're very very smart and an inspiration!.

  15. Everything you have said makes sense. I have been inspired. But its all up to the individual if they are willing to motivate themselves, if they want change. Reading this post I can think of alot of woman that should read it also. This is a eye opener. I will use your wisdom x

  16. Today I will write a list of the things that I want to do. I'm always motivating others to sieze the day and motivating them to start and stick to their goals when I'm not doing the same. I must say that you encourage me. It feels good to say that because everyone looks to me for a good word but when I'm all tapped out I need to be rejuvenated. This is definitely a challenge but like you said I have to take the first step. Thanks Patty!

  17. Hi Patty! I love your blogs & vlogs! Please follow my blog and let's keep each other inspired!

  18. Love that scripture (Hab 2:2) absolutely love your blog and youtube channel if you get a chance would really appreciate it if you could have a look at my blog and a cheeky shout out would be faaaabbbbb ! Otherwise keep being an inspirational positive role model. God Bless x

  19. yasss! love these tangible life lessons you are sharing x

  20. I love this. Thank you for sharing your vices and being real. You are beautiful by the way :)