Monday, 1 July 2013

Away With Me| Shorts & Stripes

So another blazing hot day in the Algarve, Im not sure if people actually leave their homes before 2pm its just so hot. This is the usual time we make our way down to Antonio's for lunch. The views on the way down are to die for it really is picturesque. 
Oh, and this sunhat....its been giving me life, I don't like to bathe my skin in UV rays..(I want that forever youthful skin). I think its one of the best purchases I've made this holiday :)
These shorts are also amazing..they make the behind look just right, and they are lovely and high waisted. 
 The Beach view from Antonio's
 Monkfish Stew...Algarve Style :)
Vest - Topshop
Shorts - Choies*
Shoes - Zara
Hat - Local Market


  1. Love the look and the shoes are gorgeous ! What a vue ♥


  2. Outfit looks amazing. I went to the Algarve a couple of years ago, really want to go back, it's so beautiful! xx

    Heels forever

  3. Love your Zara sandals :-) i have Them too :-)

  4. Loving your holiday posts! Such beautiful photo's :)
    Saadiya x

  5. Nice! Love the hat.

  6. I love the outfit and the view is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you are having a great time! ^_^

  7. Love the look, so laid out yet very in style, love those

  8. My creator says that your looks are amazing!!!!

  9. so cute

  10. You definitely have the figure for highwaisted pants or skirts. That look complements your figure ideally!. The food, views, soooo yummy and beautiful. I imagine in summer the weather there must be horrendous, ie, if, like me, one has sun allergies....

  11. you look amazing
    hope you're having a good holiday x

  12. You truly look amazing. You're a beaut!
    I wish I was there, looks so beautiful.

    Embrace My Style

  13. Those shorts are gorgeus Patricia. You look beautiful