Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Beauty Bites| My Morning Face Regime

So I thought it would be nice for me to share my morning face regime with you guys. I'm trying to be consistent with routine and really want to work on evening out my skin tone and I'm aiming for that 'Glow', Hopefully this regime will get me there.

FYI I haven't retouched these photos, but I will say that good light exposure and standing by a window helps my skin look a lot better ;)

A bit about my skin, its definitely combination with dry cheeks and an oily T-zone, but that doesn't bother me as much as my uneven skin tone, which is fairly common as a woman of colour. I also suffer from enlarged pores on my nose, that I don't expect to disappear, but to be less visible would be amazing! I also have skin that is fairly sensitive, if my body face doesn't like something, it will let me know with a rash and burning.

Below are some of the product I've been using over the past weeks:

 1. Orico Streetwise - Antioxidant Face Wash
Info: This is a great cleanser, that gives you that squeaky clean feeling, but it is organic and gentle at the same time.

2. Skyn Iceland - White cloud spot corrector
Info: This is a spot corrector which is meant to break up hyper pigmentation and uneven skin, I put this on after cleansing my face, I've only been using this a short time but I will aim to provide an update in 6-8 weeks. I will say its not very moisturising so it does need to be followed up with a moisturiser, however I have high hopes as the active ingredients in this are amazing!

 3. Ole Henriksen - Sheer Transformation Creme
Info: This is the moisturiser I follow up with, it contains some great actives such as vitamin C and liquorice extract. These are great antioxidants that can help towards a clear even skin tone. So far its nice and thick but not oily, my skin is quite dry in areas, and I usually add a little extra 'juice'(step 4) if I need to...

  3. African Botanics - Pure Marula Oil
Info: This is a pure oil that I also like to add if I feel like I could use some extra moisture('Juice'). It smells like a dream and is so smooth, I'm in love and actually use it all over my body now day and night!

5. Skin - Sunscreen SPF50
Info: I always follow up with a good sunscreen, this is my current sunscreen of choice, to be honest it does give me a blue cast, but I just give it a while to settle and top of with my daily foundation

 Voila! thats my morning face regime, its quicker then it may sound, I'm going to try and be consistent for the next 6-8 weeks and I'll come back with some feedback.
 Patricia x


  1. Yay to more beauty posts! X

    Olivia -

  2. You do have a flawless skin !

  3. You have beautiful skin! Love your makeup in the end! Would love to see that as a "Face of the Day #2" ;)

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  4. Wow you look perfect. Your skin has really improved over the years. Keep it up.

  5. You're pretty :)

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  6. I really love the way you use your make up kisses

  7. I use the Ole Henriksen - Vitamin Plus it's a good one. It my first time I tried it tho. I got it for one week & so far I like it. It a mattifyng creme balances & regulate with aloe and oat flour it's for oily & blemish pron skin. :)

  8. love the look, pretty

  9. You have beautiful skin I'm so jealous.

  10. Do you use a primer over your sunscreen/ under foundation?

  11. Your skin is amazingly flawless.x

  12. Lovely Skin! Can't go wrong with SK:N products!

  13. it seems we have quite similar skin problems with the combination oily/dry and enlarged pores... i havne't found a routine that works for me yet, but i really wan tto try the the sheer transformation cream because it looks like a lovely product!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  14. I am rubbish with skin care so find these posts amazing as I make notes and see what I need :) your skin looks amazing so this clearly works :) lovely post!

    Katie xx | Katies World

  15. Great post, I really struggle with uneven skin tone as well :(. Would love to see a post on how you do your eyebrows. I really struggle to find a product that suits the colour of my brows, as they are not black but really close to it. xx

  16. What 's that lipstick you have on your lips? It looks gorgeous!

  17. The one thing I hate about my skin is how uneven it is. I actually poped down to Debenhams over the weekend and found out my skin type which is exactly like yours. I was recommended some clinique products but will see how good they are.


  18. Great! Really need to try some of the products.

  19. Really nice. The makeup is so simple but beautiful :)

  20. your eyes are so innocent dear...

  21. I love how clear your photos are; what camera do you use?

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