Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A New York Story With Birchbox

As briefly mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky enough to be invited on a 4 day trip by Birchbox to experience Fashion Week through the brands eyes. 
I must say it was amazing, not only did I feel enlighten about the brand but also inspired by the whole experience. I was able to see how a small spark by the two creators has grown a brand into what it is today. Also spending time with the lovely Anna and Lilly along side other great bloggers was great fun, its really an experience I will cherish.

DAY 1.
We stayed at the ACE Hotel Manhattan, it had the coolest laid back vibe and the interior are to die for...literally (there was a lot of taxidermy!). Its seems to be the spot where budding entrepreneurs hang out while chasing their dreams, there where a lot of people on Apple Macs lined up in the lobby tapping away eagerly.
Once settled in, the next stop was to do a little bit of shopping. We then dined at the gorgeous ABC kitchen....no words on how beautiful that place was. I'll do a full review when I'm back in NY next week.

DAY 2.
We had the privilege of visiting the Birchbox head office for breakfast and a mini tour. The office was an open plan haven where there were smiles all around (this could be due to the significant amount of pink on the walls!)
Additionally we had the chance to find out more from Birchbox partners such as LAQA & Co, who gave us a sneak peak into the new collection and meeting the amazing creator of Tay Skincare, Sarah Tay, who invited us into her own home to see where the creativity begins.
The Plaza Hotel was the next stop, the grandeur was surreal after seeing it in many movies, but the Caudalie Spa was our destination. We were able to meet another founder Mathilde Thomas, one half of the creative minds who have brought us Caudalie, we were treated to cheese wine and a facial treatment. Divine. 
After a bit more shopping and walking around we went on a girls night out to Beauty and Essex, It was a great night out, we laughed till we cried and were stuffed and merry by the end of the night.

Day 3 was an early start, we went back stage to the buzz of beautiful models, makeup, hair and nails all being prepared for the Ruffian show. Birchbox and Ruffian collaborated on the concept of polish choices using social media (Facebook) and the community to decide on the final colours to be used for the show. The final choice - a metallic orange, purple and green.  These where done in the signature Ruffian way 'The Ruffian Mani' (With the colour at the cuticle in an eclipse...the pics show it a lot better then I can describe!)
After this we spent some time at the Birchbox pop up shop in Chelsea Market. There were samples galore giving you the ability to stock up and make your own Birchbox. Additionally we had a number of mini treatments and I had my brows down perfectly! My final thoughts...we seriously need one of these in London. 
Finally we had dinner at the famous (thanks to sex and the city) Buddakan were the Ruffian designers and Birchbox team hosted us. The menu was Pan-Asian which appeased my taste buds perfectly. It was a great end to a wonderful first experience of NY fashion week.


  1. this looks like the most amazing weekend ever! bet it was such a lovely weekend, hope that you had a good weekend and all three of you look absolutely beautiful! xx

    Katie-Louise | foreverwaiting.co.uk 

  2. Looks like an amazing trip!


  3. WOW looks like an unreal trip, very jealous, looks like you all had a great time :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. Looks like it would have been really good, hope you had a good time!x


  5. How awesome was that!!! that's a dream!!! Enjoy Pat..so much more good things for you to come. Shine Bright!!

  6. The pictures are beautiful! Looks like you had an awesome trip :)

    Karina | The Chaotic Dreamer xx

  7. Looks like an amazing trip! So jealous :)


  8. Sounds like an Amazing time! :)
    Ps: I can't read your blogs without reading it in your voice, kind of interesting :)

  9. I look amazing ! Nice pictures !

  10. It's so great that you get this kind of opportunities! The pictures are amazing, it sounds like an awesome trip :)

  11. This looked like so much fun! I am so happy for all the opportunities that have come your way! So glad you had an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  12. you are so incredibly blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity :) keeps us to update when you go back to NYC

  13. The stuff fashion bloggers dreams are made of! Spill the beans on your next NY adventure...

    Christy of:

  14. Hope you made a video about this also!
    LOOVE the skirt you wore. :)

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

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  16. Never been to New York and definitely wants to go there! It looks fun!

  17. Looks like you had an amazing time! Looking yours, Anna's and Lilly's pictures are making me so jealous! Love all your outfits you always look so good!


  18. Looks like you had such an amazing time, your outfits are gorgeous too :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  19. This trip looks so amazing; what an opportunity!

    I love me some Birchbox, and it was so lovely of them to fly you guys out there!


  20. A-Mazing!!! thanks so much for sharing. I felt like I was with you guys just by reading this post. Loved it. I look forward to many more. I love your spirit, A true beauty, all round. You're so blessed x

  21. What an amazing trip! Now I'm missing New York :)

  22. Glad you enjoyed my hometown of NYC