Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Beauty Bites - African Botanics & My Body Regime

I was introduced to African Botanics a few months ago, and I was very keen to use the line. 
I was very excited by the story of the community based sourcing and production. The line is focused on the power of Marula oil which is indigenous to particular areas in Africa, its found to be very moisturising, high in antioxidants and all that good stuff. Also those who know me will also know that I have been very keen when it comes to using natural oils... as I used to purchase these by the litre! 

1. African Multi Mud Mineral Body Scrub

This product smells divine and has a nice texture. I was a little bit surprised by the colour but it is fine and does not stain...it almost makes you want to eat it.
I have used this a few times in the bath and it a a nice grainy scrub that really does gives you that smooth feeling after use. I only used this when I have time to have to sit down in the bath and enjoy. (Sadly not as regularly as I would like)

2. Firming Botanical Body Oil
This product right here...I might just go ahead and call it a miracle oil. I love it, and sadly I'm half way through. I use it everywhere, all the time including my hair which truly has a great sheen without a greasy look with just a touch.
On my body its a great moisturisers when my skin is feeling a little dry. I now dab a bit daily on my face before applying my makeup, it really does help it glide on like a dream.

3. Firming Botanical Body Balm
Finally I have the Body balm, I haven't used this much as my skin hasn't required it much during the warmer weather, but I can imagine this being great for the elbows and knees that can get very ashy over the winter.


  1. Lovely post !

  2. Definitely going to try the body firming oil. Great post! http://tashpantz.blogspot.co.uk/?m=0

  3. Have hear of these products, would love to try that scrub.x

  4. wish the product was available here thoo...


  5. I would love to try this line!

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  6. Nice post Patricia, am liking the oil for its multi use purpose am keen to try it out. X

  7. Lovely post Patricia. The price is steep but it's worth buying. Would love to try it out.




  8. I would love to try this product however my skin is so sensitive and I am willing to purchase a small size first. Although I wonder if they would send me a sample?? Thanks, Patricia

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