Friday, 6 September 2013

My Apologies

Hi all,

I feel that I owe you an apology for my lack of current updates over here, and I know to be honest its not been that long, but I feel like this is something that I want to take seriously and there is no room for excuses.

Life has been swinging me around, seriously, I've been so busy that its hard to even have a moment to breath and check my myself. Sometimes it feels that life is running the show and I am just taking orders. I've been taking my home, my health and myself for granted because I feel like time is always too short and there is so much to do. I've realised that that is a lie. The thought dawned o me that if I keep going the way I'm going I would potentially loose myself, my peace and joy that make me me. So thank God for a revelation, acceptance is the first step to recovery.

Currently I am typing this from a hotel in NY, I have been sent out here by an amazing brand to experience there story. I must say I have been inspired.

And now, I'm about making my own choices, the earth will not dictate what happens to me... I will. I'm working on slowing down, having that moment to think and make my own decision, it feels great.

I used to say that life is long, but I forgot that for a season. There is no rush, I'm going be in the moment of every action and step I take, to truly enjoy the experience.

So thats it guys....hopefully you wont get too much soppiness from me but some times it just needs to come out, its like a deep sigh, then you can take a breath back in and keep it moving x


  1. Yes! I just said the same (well similar) thing to myself the other day! Time to stop sleeping and start living! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You have a great outlook on life Patricia and times like this I find you really inspiring :) hope you have an amazing time in New York x

  3. Its amazing seeing all these amazing opportunities happen for you. Just keep the positive outlook and you will carry on being blessed by God. Soo happy for you, have an amazing time in New York. Its my dream to go there for FW and I know one day it will happen. So take it all in you stride and I wish you the best of luck
    Take care

  4. This was such a great post! I agreed with every word. Take time to enjoy life. I hope you're having an amazing time in New York! All of these opportunities you've been afforded are amazing!

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  5. for a while , iv been really slow,feeling down and all and it has affected me in a huge way, even what i post. 2days ago, i just decided to let it all go and enjoy my life . its MY life after all

  6. this was such an amazing post. can relate in every single way! Thanks for reminding me thats it's time to start enjoying life instead of it all just rushing by, so easily done. hope you enjoy your trip in NY, sounds amazing! xx

    Katie-Louise | 

  7. Will you be here for fashion week? If not, you should extend your stay if you can. NY fashion week is the best time :)

    Kari | Lipstick Stains & Coffee Cups

  8. Love you and you inner wisdom. Much love x

  9. you inspire me a lot, and i keep praying for you
    I don't know you personally but i believe you have the strength
    you will be fine and everything will work out well

    keep being you're amazing self x

  10. Everyone has their moments, so I understand. Recently, a friend of mine passed away and I haven't been in the mood to blog really, so I've been feeling guilty too. But sometimes, we need a minute to breathe and take time for ourselves. Nothing wrong with that.