Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Taking A Moment

Sorry for the intermittent posting, sometimes one just gets stuck in a rut.
My head has felt very jumbled up, and I have been very caught up with concerns that haven't even happened!
I'm not sure why,but I've been spending a lot time thinking and worrying about all of the tasks that have to be done, without doing any of them and then being worried about not having them done, causing a vicious cycle of anxiety.  
My husband, kind of helped me get out of it with a string of strong words which where almost like a slap of reality, for that I'm so grateful.

So I'm working on the following:- 
1. Giving that for all I have, where I have come from and the future that is to be. 
2. Focusing outwardly and on others (selflessness is a great way to put things into perspective)
3. Creating regime and order in my life. 
4. Enjoying the process

All roads point back to the concept of the active prepared life I wrote about few months ago. I kind of let it slip...but I think it might be time for a re-awakening.
However I'm feeling better, I understand that I have a mountain to climb but I need to stop and admire the view in the process.
Sorry if this is a bit cryptic for some of you, but I'm sure there are many others who know the feeling and have been there. Hopefully I'll have some tips and tricks to help with 'that feeling' in the future. 


  1. Understand the feeling! Just pace yourself and remember to enjoy life, like you said. Glad you're feeling better now though!

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  2. So I'm working on the following:-
    1. Giving that for all I have, where I have come from and the future that is to be.

    * Should that read: Giving thanks?

    Sometimes we need a good kick to come back to reality. I'm currently planning my wedding and have had a few down days, but I snap back to reality when I realise all God's blessings.

    Cheer up, there are people who are worst off than you. Be thankful and be forever grateful as everything in life happens for a reason.

    Nise D

  3. I'm in the exact same position! Trying to book Thailand as well as sort out vaccinations and flights gets me in a muddle! For me, writing panic lists help. Write only the things you can and will achieve today. Do the same tomorrow. You'll be surprised at how much you get done! Keep at it girl! :------)

  4. This is kind of a lot to take in, but I like that you count your followers and feel they are important enough to know what's been going on in your life. Remember when all else fails, you cling on to your God and never let him go. He is your rock and you shall never fall.

  5. Hi Patricia!
    I know exactly how you feel. I'm a university student in the US, and I have a lot of anxiety about my courses and that sort of thing. Worrying about the future when I should just focus on the now!

  6. we all have days like this :) sometimes some alone time to rest & recuperate is all you need — we love reading and watching you, but you should always remember to put YOU first ;) take care! x
    coco |

  7. I completely feel the same right now. Just feel the need to pause life and re-evaluate what I am letting slip. Your words are inspiring, keep going. I will be using the same goals xx

  8. I saw this earlier today and made a mental note, to answer back when I came home.
    "I've been spending a lot time thinking and worrying about all of the tasks that have to be done, without doing any of them and then being worried about not having them done, causing a vicious cycle of anxiety. "
    I know that trap. Yes, it's a trap. Before you notice it becomes a circle. And then it'll get harder to get out of it. But the good thing is you seem to have a good support system, so you'll always have people there for you. Just try to slow down a bit and refocus. Don't make things a huge deal, if a problem have a solution, try the solution. If it doesnt have a solution, then worrying is just useful. So maybe Im just randomly talking cause I dont really know what's the root of it all that is causing you this stress, so whateaver it is, I would just suggest for you to take a moment, deep breath, find out what's causing you that and how you can overcome that. I rely in a lot of self help and positivity resources, is a good source of self help articles, and mostly, be honest and true to urself. Ok I talked too much innit, hope u'll read it and it'll help a bit. Beijos

    1. *worrying is just uneseful (not useful),sorry english is not my first language

  9. I'm just the same as you right now. And it happens to me several times in a year. Maybe every months... If you do succeed in finding a solution to everything you said in this post, could you please make a video about how to deal with please please please?? I think it may help a lot of young girls like me right here. Really... Lots of love and support~

  10. Isn't that what husbands are for? :) Glad to hear you are out of it now.

    Maggie A

  11. Hey Patricia - have you read 'May cause miracles'? By Gabby Bernstein - I think it would be of interest to you! Lisa x

  12. Hi Patricia,

    I've been a YouTube subbie for a while and finally got round to checking out your blog. I really loved this post, and I can totally identify with your anxiety. Sometimes we all put so much pressure on ourselves to 'get things done' that we almost freeze into inactivity and forget to enjoy the process and the journey. I'm taking a leap of faith too and trying to make a real go of blogging and find you super inspirational and motivating! Keep doing what you're doing. Cheri x

  13. Not cryptic at all! Now you've got me worried about whether I just speak in riddles? LOL
    Good post & you're right, sometimes we just get caught up in living for the harvest, forgetting to pay attention to the watering & weeding in the meantime