Thursday, 16 May 2013

In My Instagram World #1

My First Instragram Life in pictures, Yay. Hopefully there will be more :) x
1. Floral Dress -Asos 
2. Throwback - Mummy and I 
3. Fish & Chips Friday- Gets me feeling all warm inside
4. Top - Made by my hands tutorial on it 1 day ;)
5. Okra - I made a mean soup and swallowed it down with some Gari (My Nigerians will know
6. Big smiles on a hot day
7. Hair just done at Honeyhand Salon feeling 'Gone with the wind!'
8. Hubby and I on a date night...ended up at Nandos because its just so easy ;)
9. Double trouble - Playing around with mirrorgram

Neon Splash and White Jeans

OMG I'm in white jeans. not sure how I got here but I am. for some reason I always hated white jeans, something about them was always a bit tacky on me, however I've seen some girls wearing it and wearing it beautifully, so Ive given mine a little dust off.
I rarely wear super laid back outfits but sometimes they actually are the most glamours in their subtle way.

H&M is often a God send for me they just have some wonderful bits at some great prices.
 Jacket - H&M
Chain - H&M
Top - H&M
Jeans - Monki
Shoes - Keds
Bag - Zara 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Active Prepared Life #5 Distractions are a Beast

So not very much to update on this week, as I think the formula determined last week is spot in, I just had a few issues with the delivery last week.

So lets discuss the issue. The fundamental problem preventing me from executing the formula of achievement was...DISTRACTION. I cannot believe how easily I am distracted and swept away like a reed in the wind.

I have a confession. I dont really watch TV because I see it has a major hinderance to the Western world, and probably went over 2/3 years without really watching more the 30 minutes of TV in a week, however we  recently decided to get one at home for when we have guests who get bored.

Some how we started watching 'The Voice' which is amazing, and we allow it as our little Saturday break. However Ive noticed that the desire to watch whats next has creeped upon me, and while eating dinner I watch a little bit, then I seem to slip into the next Docu-Soap opera programme like 'Embarrassing bodies' or 'One born every minute'.

And This Saturdays viewing was as followed:-
Britons Got Talent, The Voice, Avatar, The Minority Report. CONSECUTIVELY.

I believe this was 6 hrs it total. I felt so dirty, honestly a wave of guilt like a binge eater fell over me, and especially because Im a bit of a scaredy cat and had to sleep with the night light on afterward.

I cannot believe how I easily let myself get distracted. However on another note, Im doing well with the exercise, and recently saw my sis and parents who noticed some weight loss ( although I struggle to see it.)

So this weeks focus
- To execute the formula without distraction
- No TV -Only the Voice - ( I cant give up on it now..Im fully sucked in!)

Wish me luck

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Black & White Stripes

I love showing a bit of shoulder, its a great part to show off when you are lacking other bits. You dont have to bear all to be beautiful. Thats what I say.

This dress is really inexpensive from Missguided, and I can totally imagine wearing it on one of my holiday adventures. I also Find Red is a great accent to a monochrome pallet, especially on the lips.

Dress - Missguided
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Primark

Monday, 6 May 2013

Gone with the Wind Fabulous

So I went out on a little drive again to the village where Hollywood dreams are made of, and thought I would take a few snaps. It was crazy windy so I look a little windswept.
 I'm in love with this top..which is actually a small dress, sadly I have a bit too much behind to get away with wearing it as it should be. I may one day brave it as a dress on a beach in Bali (maybe), but not here is windy England.

 I look star struck below as a gaggle of Canadian Geese had just flown over and a memory of when I was chased as a 5 year old into a pond by a group of these vicious birds popped back into mind. Lovely.
Top/Dress -*
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Prada

The Active Prepared Life #4 - The Formula

Well, well well. What a week, last week was a testimony that taking things easy really is the best way to go! I think I may have cracked it.

Last week was my most productive since starting, but yet I would struggle to tell you what I achieved, weird. All I can say is I achieved what I wanted too, and that what matters.

I've been working out, eating well, completing tasks ( I let myself go a little at the weekend but thats ok).

The plan is to create a formula for achievement, and I think I am getting there, the important thing is to make it repeatable and sustainable for the long term.

As it stands the formula is as followed:

Preparation + Action   + (Ease) = Achievement 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Beauty Bites| My Skin Care Products

Just sharing my super basic skincare routine and the products I stick to, and have done for a while. For anyone who wanted to know I hope it helps x