Thursday, 28 November 2013

O2 Guru Best Fashion Apps

Recently I did a really cool shoot with O2 Guru TV with a focus on the best fashion apps. It was a bit of a competition between me and the presenter who had to create a day to night look for our models. He cheated and used apps while I used my 'amazing styling ability'. I actually fell in love with the Zara app which was super useful for shopping with, it was able to find a certain item, and let me know if it was in stock in the store nearest to me!
Doing this competition made me realise just how difficult it is buying for others but I would recommend sticking to buying things that you know you like.  In this case I did, and I was able to pull and outfit together I was proud of (I'm still so so on the Mary Jane's!), but I actually ended up buying the tartan trousers and embellished top for my self. :)

Once we had purchased the items there was basically a style off featuring Lilly, Poppy and Amy who were the fierce judging panel. I was quite proud of the look I was able to pull together with a limited time and luckily enough the Judges deemed me the winner :)
(excuse the corny face!)

Have a peek at the video if you want to find watch the whole process!

Monday, 25 November 2013

All in the Reds

Honestly, I think a red lip is the most flattering way to make a woman look a little extra special! I used to be afraid of the bolder colours due to my fuller lips, but now a days I'm happy with just embracing what I've been given so I now wear a red lippie loud and proud.
I've also found that is a great way to improve a drab/monochrome outfit which I found I am wearing more and more in the winter months. I recently shot a style focused video for O2 Guru TV( check out the link here - and thats exactly what I did.
Pairing a black hat, jacket, trousers, and a grey T, my bold red lips help to offset the darkness. A trick you should all try!

My favourite Red Lip Gloss at the moment is MAC's Driven By Love, its a goss with amazing colour pay off.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Post Card From The Countryside| Searson Farmhouse

So the cottage we stayed was called Season Farmhouse in Suffolk (Felixstowe)

I just wanted to do a little review of the farmhouse we stayed in, as well as share few pics from our time out there.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chilling by the Barns

Being in the country side gives you a great perspective on what's worth your time and effort, I truly enjoyed my time with my family and myself without too many distractions, I came back feeling refreshed!
But...I must say, it was bloody cold! That crisp wind is only found out on that coast, and wooaa, it was sharp.
I love layering my trusty H&M leather jacket with this fur gilet, I've had both for over a year and they have done me very well, and I think its fine to wear shorts in the colder months, you just have to wear tights, and be snug on the bottom!
Jacket - H&M
Gilet - Romwe
Chain- Topshop
Shorts - Urban Outfitters 
Tights - Asos
Ring - Miss Selfridges 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Denim Days In the Country Side

So, I've been spending a weekend away in the English country side and its beautiful.